Point & Shoot
(film cameras)

<b><font size="4"><u>Point & Shoot</u></b></font size><br>(film cameras)

Telephoto Lens for Yashica T2
Pentax Remote Control E for IQ and ZXC-7 Cameras (new)
Pentax Remote Control C for F/IQ Zoom, Espia & Optio (new)
Yashica Profile 400ix 30-120mm Zoom APS Camera ("NEW")
How to Take Great Pictures 35mm Autofocus Point & Shoot Cameras
Pentax ESPIO 120Mi 35mm Camera
Minolta Freedom Zoom 140 EX 35mm
Olympus Super Zoom 3000 DLX 35mm Camera (No 6)
Koinica 630-Z Advantix Camera (No 8)
Minolta Freedon Zoom 70EX 35mm Camera (No 10)
Carena Super Zoom 70 35mm Camera (No 11)
Minolta Victis 20 Advantix Camera (No12)
Richo Q-100Z 38-100mm Macro Zoom 35mm Camera (No 13)
Minolta FreedomTele 35mm Camera (No 15)
Olympus Infinity Zoom 210 (No 17)
Nikon One Touch Zoom 70AF (35-70mm Zoom)
Fuji Discovery 2000 Zoom Date (40-105mm Zoom)
Olympus Centurion APS Camera (Advantix Film)
Canon Sureshot Ace (35mm lens)
Vivitar Series I 460PZ (35-70mm Zoom)
Olympus SuperZoom 2800
Pentax Zoom 60X Camera (38-60mm Macro Zoom)
Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom (38-85mm Zoom)
Minolta Freedom Zoom 135EX Date (38-135mm Zoom)
Pentax Zoom 105 Super (38-105mm Zoom)
Pentax IQZoom EZY-R (38-70mm Zoom)
Pentax IQ Zoom60 (w/ 38-60mm lens)
Kodak Advantix F600 with 30-60mm Zoom
Richo FF-20 Wide Zoom Camera (No 18)
PC35AF Pentax Rangefinder Camera with Winder
440PZ Vivitar Series I Camera
IQZoom 900 Pentax Camera
IQZoom Pentax
Maxima Zoom 145 w/ 38-145mm Schneider Lens
Olympus Stylus Zoom 105  (weatherproof)
Canon Sureshot Camera
Pentax IQZoom835Date
Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 DLX
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